Cirque Medallion

Cirque Medallion


I started with the full moon to my back. Weaving through frozen meadows and streams, the cold air nipping at my heels, pushing me along. Up the canyon, my feet flew under me until I was above tree line. Dark imposing clouds formed around the stark dramatic Cirque above. But there was something I was searching for and I knew it required me to go further.
These Cirque medallions were inspired by one of my latest adventures up in the alpine. Three layers of sturdy sterling silver keep this medallion up for anything.

Comes on a 16 Inch Sterling Silver Chain.

All Sterling Silver, Handmade with Love. Built to Endure.

Everything from Wild Expanse it made by hand in a little studio tucked away in the Yosemite, CA.  I hope you love and appreciate the unique feel of each piece. No two are exactly the same. 

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this piece!

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