Of The Night Danglers

Of The Night Danglers


Long nights and short days, winter is a descent into darkness. The days shorter, even the light powers down and leaves it's intensity tucked away in summer. Hidden away under those granite peaks for safe keeping. But... then again, some live in the darkness, they have learned that is where the magic is. Long nights chasing the milky way under a sliver of the moon, the world asleep around them.

For those who feel the pull of the night, and live by the phases of the moon. These beauties were a labor of love to create, hand pierced moth and moon with a little 14kt Gold Fill halo. The amber has a cut out in the back to let the light through.

All Sterling Silver, Handmade with Love.

Everything from Wild Expanse it made by hand in a little studio tucked away in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I hope you love and appreciate the unique feel of each piece. No two are exactly the same. 

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this piece!

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